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October 25 - Halloween on the Farm (Children's Event)

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Since 1974 the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation has given visitors a glimpse of 18th century Pennsylvania farm life through group programming, weekend activities and outreach opportunities. Attention to detail and authenticity are the hallmarks of Plantation programs from formal tours and hands-on workshops to the “living history” approach seen by weekend visitors. Visiting the Plantation is an educational experience that is unique and unforgettable.

The Plantation is open to the general public on weekends and to groups by prior arrangements. Because the Plantation is a working farm with authentically restored unheated buildings, it is open from April into early December. No pets are allowed. Outreach programs are available year round. To plan your visit or outreach and discover more about the Plantation, use the links to the left of this page.

The Plantation is a non-profit educational corporation that qualifies under Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code and operates under lease agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources.


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Animals - Three lambs born this year. Guinea Fowl have returned. Chickens (Dominque and Silver Dorking), turkeys (Eastern Wild, Narragansett and Red Bourbon) and ducks (Swedish) are doing well. Delilah gave birth in June to Sable who is a 1/4 milking shorthorn, 1/4 holstein and 1/2 jersey calf. Both our horses are in harness most weekends. Abigail is a mature Belgian mare and Garnett is a Suffolk filly. Suffolks are a rare breed draft horses.

Video of Spring Lamb

Field Crops - Click here for video of wheat harvest. We also have demonstration-sized patches of flax, tobacco, buckwheat, and broom corn that are growing in the crop field. The upper part of the crop field was plowed this week with help from the people at Howell Farm. We have been "making hay" with a scythe in the west pasture.

Haymaking Article - learn about the history of haymaking in Colonial Pennsylvania.

Tobacco at the Plantation

Kitchen Garden - Harvest Time - onions, beets, parsnips, herbs, carrots, turnips, and hops. Second crops of lettuce, cabbage, and peas have been planted. The demonstration plot of rye was harvested on July 7th.

Orchard - We lost two apple trees over the winter. They were most likely killed by girdling (mice/voles). The other trees have all leafed out and have set a small amount of fruit.

Textile - Barn loom is set to make linsey woolsey. Linsey woolsey has a linen warp and a woolen weft. Wool from our sheep has been spun and plyed.

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