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Paranormal Investigation of the Colonial Plantation with Delmarva Historic Haunts

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

$25.00 per person (ages 12+) Reservations Required

8 PM

On the night of August 4th, 2012 the Delmarva Historic Haunts performed an investigation of the spirits of the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. This is the first time a paranormal investigation has been conducted on the 18th century farm buildings. They will share the results of this investigation on September 12, 2015. Come and join the investigators as they lead each group from building to building, describing their findings at each stop. They have declared the site as haunted, but decide for yourself. Click here for their Facebook page - you can see pictures and videos taken during the investigation.

This investigation is two-and-a-half hours in length, and appropriate for ages 12 and up. You will be in darkened rooms with low light levels, and walking on some uneven paths. Please bring a flashlight. The investigation is held rain or shine - please dress appropriately. All tickets are $25 and reservations are required. Please call our office at 610-566-1725 with any questions.


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