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Civil War Battle and Camp

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Video of 2011 event

September 19 (11am - 5pm with last entry at 4pm)

September 20 (11am - 3:00 pm with last entry at 2:30pm)

Adults $12 and children 4 and older $8

The South is invading Pennsylvania again. The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation will be hosting a Federal and Confederate battle and camp on Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20th. Witness firearm demonstrations, drills, a burial squad, use of herbs in the 1860s and camp life. There will be a period fashions and displays of civilian life. Battles will take place on Saturday at 12 and 4. Sunday’s battle will be at 2. Watch the North try to defend the farm against the invading forces from old Dixie.

No visitors are permitted to enter after battle has begun.


Particpating Units

4th Texas, Company B "The Tom Green Rifles" (host unit)

12th New Jersy Volunteer Infantry "Company K" (host unit)

Bell's Rifles

10th Virginia Company B

Members of the Mifflin Guard

Civil War Heritage Foundation

Salem Flying Artillery

Stitching Dutchman (Sutler)








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